Sep 3, 2015

My road trip in Germany

In July, my family and I went to Germany for a road trip. I'm really happy to have gone because my dad is German and I speak the language but I know much of the country, except for my grand-parents town, which isn't that pretty. We went to Tübingen, Lake Constance, Munich and Berlin. We saw lots of beautiful and cultural places! But since this isn't a travel blog, instead of doing a travel guide, which I wouldn't really be qualified to do, I decided to show you some of my favorite pictures I took during the trip. I hope you like them. Above is the Brandenburger Tor in Berlin.
These two pictures were taken in Tübingen.
This very cliché-looking picture of a sunset was taken in Bregenz (which is actually in Austria and not Germany), near the lake Constance.
The island Meinau, on the lake, has very lovely gardens, and a butterfly house. It was really amazing to see so many butterflies at the same time. Some had really incredible colors. It was a bit hard to take good pictures because they kept moving but I managed to take this one which isn't all blurry!
This is the castle of Neuschwanstein. And it was the inspiration for Disney's cinderella castle! We had to walk all the way up a mountain to see it and it was unbearably hot but in the end it was worth it.

And these two were taken in Berlin. The first one is the Reichstag and the second is the Kaiser Wilhelm chuch, which was left partially destroyed by the war. I hope you enjoyed seeing these little bits of Germany and I wish you an awesome day.
Love, Elsa


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