Sep 28, 2015

Style #1 - Queen of Hearts

Today is my first style post! I've been wanting to make style posts for a while but for some reason I kept putting it off. I'm so happy I finally got one ready. I'm sorry it's just in my garden and not in some special place but I really don't have time to go anywhere else, especially now that school is back. And let me tell you, this school year is going to be tough. It's my last year of high school so I'll be super busy. But I'm sure it will be a good year. I wasn't too happy about who was my class but I'm slowly getting to know them and it's nice. So, back to the topic: today's style post. I decided to go for a classic black and white look with kind of a school uniform vibe. But I feel like the heart-patterned tights make it a bit more original and cuter. I'm also quite proud of myself for not getting any holes in them yet.
Please tell me if you're interested in this type of post. And have a nice day!
Love, Elsa

 skirt: Forever21 / shirt: New Yorker (germany) / tights: H&M / shoes: second-hand

Ps: Did you listen to Halsey's Badlands? Her lyrics are so amazing. I'm in love with each and every song. It's basically the only thing I've been listening to lately and I already know most of the lyrics from every song. So did you listen to any of the songs and which one's your favorite?


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