Jul 15, 2015

DIY Backpack

Today is a post that I'm really excited about. I made my own backpack! It took me a while to understand how to do it and to actually do it but I am super proud of it and I decided to make a tutorial. This is an advanced sewing projects, I wouldn't advise it for beginners. (I have a kimono tutorial coming up in August that is totally suitable for beginners.)

Above are the measurements for everything you need to cut. All measurements are in cm. The black doodles are for the main fabric. I used faux-leather. And the blue is for the lining. I used a black and blue striped cotton.
STEP 1- Cut all your fabric. Add seam allowance to my measurements. (The measurements for the lid lining are the same as the ones for the lid. The patches can be any shape you want, just make sure the width is at least 6cm.)
STEP 2- Sew the front and back pieces of your main fabric together. (right sides facing each other). You should have a cylinder-like shape.
STEP 3- Attach the cylinder to the bottom of the main fabric. (right sides facing each other). Flip inside out.
STEP 4- Fold the straps and sew. Flip inside out. (It can be a bit hard if your straps are long and thin and the material is thick like faux leather, but it's possible)
STEP 5- Attach the bottom of the straps where you want them to be on the back of the bag.
STEP 6- Hand-sew the small patches over where you just sewed to hide it.
STEP 7- Sew the lining pocket together (right sides facing each other)
STEP 8- Cut a slit the width of the pocket in the middle of one side of the lining. Sew the pocket to that side on each side of the slit. (right sides facing each other) Flip inside out.
STEP 9- Attach both sides of the lining together (right sides facing each other)
STEP 10- Fold the long strip several times and sew to make a thin cord. Make two small vertical slits at the top on the bag's front. The strip will go between the lining and the bag and go through the slits to close the bag once finished.
STEP 11- Attach the lining and the bag together a few centimeters below the top.
STEP 12- Put the strip in between the lining and the bag as close to the line you just sew. Sew at the top of the bag. Cover the lining with the main fabric to make a clean edge.
STEP 13- Attach the lid to the lid lining. Cover the lining with the main fabric to make a clean edge.
STEP 14- Attach the lid and the bag together with the top of the straps in between. (right sides facing each other)
And you are done! Congratulations!!

If you were curious: this is how it closes:

I really hope you find this tutorial helpful. Don't hesitate to ask me questions if there is something that you don't understand. I really hope you try to make your own backpack. Not only will it look exactly like you want it too, but it will also make you super proud every time you wear it.
Love, Elsa


  1. this is lovely elsa! I wish my sewing skills were more advanced, i would love to try this out! x

    1. Thank you Zoë! Yeah, it's a bit hard, but I'll try making more simple projects later this summer.

  2. Oh my gosh, I never even thought of this!! and it looks SO easy to do! Yours turned out so dang cute. I need to try it but I'm nervous I'll just butcher it haha

    xo, Candace

    1. I actually got the idea because I saw a faux leather backpack in a store but it was a bit expensive so I thought "wait? couldn't I make something like this myself?". It takes a bit of time but if you understand the steps it's easy. The fabric you choose will also make it easier/harder. It depends how thick it is. I really hope you sew one!

  3. WOW! This is amazing. You can tell a lot of time and thought went into it - it looks so pro! I need to try it out myself xx

    1. You're making me blush, haha. Thanks. I hope it holds up well, for now I try not to carry stuff with it as I'm scared it will break. Took me a lot of time to make so I don't want to lose it now!
      Tell me if you make one.
      PS- I just realized you're the blogger of Fall For DIY and it's one of my favorites so I feel really honored. I love your blog so much!


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