Oct 29, 2015

Lyric Art #1

Sorry about the delay in posting lately. I've been really busy and I think this school year is gonna make it impossible for me to post every 5 days like I used to. I'll try to post at least once a week.
Anyway, back to the actual post. These are some pieces I made for a friend's birthday. Her birthday was on the 19th but since I won't be seeing her until next week, I could get away with making her gift a bit later. I asked her what her favorite song was and she said it was Bloom by Paper Kites. So I listened to it a few times, wrote down some of the lyrics and finally settled on "the trees are filled with memories of the feelings never told", which I think is a beautiful sentence. I'm not sure where the inspiration came from for the color scheme but let's hope she likes it. I think she will. 
I painted the gradient with a sponge, and then waited until it was completely dray to paint the white tree silhouette. The tree required a few coats to be opaque and the leaves took so much time, ugh. But I'm quite happy with the result. As for the writing, it's pretty self explanatory. I mixed blue and red and white together to get five different shades that matched the gradient on the tree piece and then I simply wrote the sentence down, alternating between capital letters and cursive.
Stay tuned for another lyric art post because that friend has a twin, whom I am also friends with, and she deserves a gift too! I'm going to be making something Taylor Swift. Have a great day and bye!
Love, Elsa


  1. Oh my goodness you friend is so lucky!

    1. Thank you! I really hope she likes it.


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