May 25, 2015

Hand Lettering: Song Lyrics #2

I am back with some hand lettered song lyrics! I tried to use as many 'fonts' as possible to keep it interesting.

I really like the style I used for this. I was planning on filling the letters entirely with black but I changed my mind and decided to do some messy horizontal lines instead.

This sentence is from the song Heart Attack by Demi Lovato. It took longer than the others because there are a lot more words but I'm really happy with the result. I had fun switching up the fonts and sizes, and filling an empty space with heartbeat zigzag.

And the last one is from Red by Taylor Swift. Instead of drawing the whole letter I only traced the shadows and it creates this really cool effect. I kinda messed up the angle in the E but I don't mind it too much.
I hope you like these and I wish you an awesome day.
Love, Elsa


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