Jun 6, 2015

Portrait #1

Today is the first drawing post on this blog! It's a portrait. I do portraits by copying pictures in magazines using a grid method. This one was from an old french ELLE. I chose this picture mainly to learn to draw hair because I can't seem to be able to draw realistic hair! But hey, practice makes perfect. So, the hair is not that great but I'll get better. I do think the face is pretty good though.
Please tell me if you have any tips for drawing hair and have a nice day!
Love, Elsa


  1. This is an amazing drawing Elsa!
    I think that the facial features look very detailed, you reminded me that I need to practice drawing eyes! :)


    1. Thank you Fran! Eyes can be hard to draw but when it's well done they look amazing. I think I need to work a bit on mouths myself.


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