Jul 7, 2015

Free wallpaper - Collaboration with The Happy Candle

Hello friends!
I'm really excited about today's post because it is a collaboration with Dian from The Happy Candle. On her blog, she shares her thoughts on different topics, along with some beautiful lettering pieces to illustrate them. A few weeks ago, I sent her an email to ask if she was interested in a collaboration and she said yes. We decided to put together her lettering with one of my illustrations to create a wallpaper. We chose a quote from the very inspiring Princess Diana.

I am actually blown away with how the results look because I had never imagined that we would do something that pretty. I simply drew a crown and Dian made it gold with photoshop and added her lettering and suddenly it was beautiful. I know it might sound a bit over the top, but I'm so happy about what we created. We made several dimensions available, both in black and white. 

Black version
Phone (Android/iPhone) 1080 x 1920
Laptop 2880 x 1800
Desktop 2560 x 1600 / 1280 x 1024

White version
Phone (Android/iPhone) 1080 x 1920
Laptop 2880 x 1800
Desktop 2560 x 1600 / 1280 x 1024

Thank you Dian for collaborating with me. I am so proud of what we created and it's amazing to think that two bloggers from opposite corners of the world can work and make art together.
Dian is planning on making this into a series called "the creative minds" in which she will collaborate with lots of different artists so if you're interested in new freebies from time to time, follow her blog.
Can you guess what my new laptop background is?
Love, Elsa


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    1. Thanks I'm glad you like it Zoë :)

  2. It's such a pleasure working with you, Elsa! Thank you so much for the collaboration, you're so great to work with and the crown you drew is just beautiful. :)

    1. Thank you Dian! You too. And the lettering you did is amazing!


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