Aug 24, 2015

Palm Trees Nail Art

Today I wanted to show you this awesome palm trees nail art. I love how cute the pastel sunset looks. I got the idea from this video tutorial by Yoko Nail Art. I highly recommend her channel. She does really cute nail arts and her tutorials are always easy to follow. It's in french but you can probably understand just by looking at the video.
The polishes I used are 442 (light blue) and 444 (light purple) by HEMA and 'Pink Macaroon by H&M. I hope you like this nail art and have a great day!
Love, Elsa.


  1. This is so cute! Goodness, you're very talented. <3

    xx Nicole Rose // Express Yourself

  2. I saw your art on Dian's blog and you are just such a talented artist; I was wondering, do you do drawings for/of other people? If so, do you do this for free, or at a cost?

    O | Life as a Young Lady

    1. Thank you, that means a lot.
      I haven't really thought about commissions and stuff. For now, I only do drawings of celebrities I like, mostly to practice my skills. I might start drawing people who ask me to, but that would have a cost and right now I don't really have time to organize such a thing.
      You can suggest celebrities you would like to see a drawing of for free though. I'm more used to drawing women but you can suggest men too if you like.


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