Sep 13, 2015

Black tree nail art

Today's nail art is cute and delicate. It's a black tree silhouette over a green and yellow gradient. I think the colors are quite spring-y but you could use orange and red if you wanted to make it more fall themed. The polishes I used are HEMA 443 (light yellow for the base) and 731 (turquoise) and a bright yellow by Kelly Brook. This nail art is one of the hardest I have ever made because I had to be really precise and keep my lines thin. And it took me a whole lot of time. But I didn't mind because I was watching Suits season 2. Do you also do nail art while watching movies/listening to music? or do you stay concentrated on the task at hand?
I hope you like this nail art and I wish you a very nice day.
Love, Elsa


  1. Replies
    1. Well this one probably the most detailed nail art on my blog but if you start with easy design you should get better with time. I started doing nail art by watching lots of youtube videos on it. So if you're interested in getting better, that's my advice.


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