Oct 13, 2015

Hand Lettering #3 - Halsey's Lyrics

Hi guys!
I remembered that you liked my previous hand lettering posts so I decided to make a new one. These are actually things I doodled in class (shush...) but I think they came out really cool. That's why there are also some mandala-like drawings and little flowers in the bottom right drawn by some of my friends. I found that I can listen to the teachers for a longer period of time if I draw at the same time.
As I said before, I'm obsessed with Halsey's lyrics. Badlands and Room 93 are all I've been listening for the past month or so. I love her music. The rhythm is great, her voice is beautiful, and most of all, the lyrics are amazing. So that's why I've only drawn lyrics from her songs. Because I can't get them out my head, in a good way. Oh, and obviously I've memorized all the lyrics of all her songs.
My favorite lettering pieces are the ones with "low on self esteem so you run on gasoline" and "we are the new Americana". What's your favorite?
Love, Elsa


  1. I love the low on self esteem one and also the we are Americana one! You are great at lettering :)


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