Oct 8, 2015

Red plaid nails

Today's post is a nail art post! I feel like it's been a while. I don't have enough time to do complicated nail art these days. So I chose to do something really simple and cute: plaid nails. I used a dark reddish-pink from Gosh (the picture makes it look redder than it actually is) for the base color. then I used a brush and dark grey polish (818 from Kiko) to create thick lines in a checkered pattern. I tried to not make them completely opaque to really get that plaid effect. Then I did a really thin black line near every grey line. And I finished it off with some silver (with a striper from Primark). The silver part is optional but I thought that it looked a bit dull without it. I think it looks a bit christmas-y with the silver and that was not originally intended but it's never too soon to think about Christmas right?
I hope you like this nail art and wish you an awesome day,
Love, Elsa


  1. I would love to do this design, even though whenever I do intricate designs it smudges!
    - Elsie http://the101blog101.blogspot.com.au

    1. Well there are a few things you can try to avoid smudging. You should always wait until it's completely dry before you apply your top coat. Also paint a thick layer of top coat so that the brush doesn't touch the design. Lastly, you could always try other top coats and see if they're better. I hope that helps. And thanks for commenting!


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