Oct 3, 2015

Portrait #7 - Dylan O'Brien

Today is a portrait again. And it's Dylan O'Brien! Now, I'll be honest, I'm not sure it really looks like him. But I drew this for a friend that I made on tumblr and I had to finish it for today so this is the best I could do. But I'm still happy about the face because even if it doesn't look like him that much, the facial expression was a bit hard and I think I recreated it pretty well. Also, this is the second time I ever draw a man. (The first time being for an art project I'll show you soon. Right now my teacher has it but I'll show it to you next week.) Oh, and drawing a guy's hairstyle is not easier than drawing long hair. I think hair is never gonna be "easy" for me. Overall I'm satisfied with the quality of the drawing. I hope you like it too.
Love, Elsa

ps- You can suggest who you want me to draw next in the comments!

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